On evolving towards a new normal, social distancing in Berlin and Kuala Lumpur, and love and storytelling in a pandemic.
On transitions, here versus there, and the pursuit of transcendence.
On slow travelling, being alone in unfamiliar places, and talking (or not talking) to strangers.
Hello from Berlin! I’m writing this letter to you from the very cosy lobby of the Michelberger Hotel (once a brick factory) in the Friedrichshain neigh…
On imagining the secret lives of famous women, a different kind of horse movie, the tyranny of convenience, etc.
On unbalanced lives that work, the death of truth, love letters, etc.
The trouble with the Troubles and what it's got to do with Game of Thrones.
On lighting little fires, Joan Didion's rules for self-respect, authentic endings, etc.
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